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Abracadabra Translations has a long history of success. Our clients appreciate and depend on our competitive prices, fast services, and accurate professional translations, which enable them to expand their business into new markets, reach larger audiences, and thus increase their sales and profits.

Whether it be for English, Spanish, French, German or any other language translations, our clients look to us when they need to get it translated.

Below is a list of just some of our clients, along with examples of work performed:

Hispanic PR Wire - Miami, FL
Translation of press releases into Spanish, French, and English.

Heritage Health Systems - Houston, TX
Translations and attestations into Spanish and Creole of health insurance documents regulated by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), including health plans for members, schedules of benefits, evidences of coverage, part D, brochures, letters, and other health-insurance-related materials.

KOMATZU Forklifts - Covington, GA
Translation of technical manuals, user manuals, and brochures into Spanish and Portuguese.

University of California - Berkeley, CA

Translation of workers’ compensation guidebooks into Spanish.

Sur la Terre International - Geneva, Switzerland

Translation of magazine articles and ads into English and French.

Conexant Systems, Inc. - Newport Beach, CA

Translation of leases and legal contracts into English, Hebrew, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and French.

Action Products, Inc. - Hagerstown, MD

Translation of user guides for medical products into Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, French, Dutch, German, Italian, Greek, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Comcast Cable - Miramar, FL

Translation of communication materials from various foreign languages into English.

And many more... (For more listings, please see legal references and medical references).

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