What We Translate

At Abracadabra, we can translate anything, from government contracts to captions for films. Through the collaboration of our network of translators from around the world, we can translate and certify any text into any language. Whether it be English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Chinese or any other language, Abracadabra is your choice for professional translation services.

Our accurate and reliable translation services have allowed us to become the translation agency of choice for corporate clients within many industries, translating a broad scope of material, such as legal contracts, press releases, marketing materials, technical manuals, medical-related documents, and even movie scripts.

Our team of over 100 professional translators and editors/proofreaders is dedicated to providing the highest-quality translations for businesses all over the world at the most competitive, cost-efficient rates. Because our translators are professionals who focus on taking your business needs into account, we can help you achieve the international success you are seeking.

For government clients, we translate everything from NOAA notifications, manuals and maritime navigation industry concerns to web sites, presentations, logistical information for local foreign contractors, oil industry, and licensing items. There is no limit to the governmental agencies we can work with for military with Southcom or elsewhere to FEMA to the Department of Education. If you are an agency looking for good quality legal translations, we can help.

For the film industry, we can help translate scripts, marketing materials for foreign distribution, contracts for artists, players or contractors, or any other needs that arise.

With foreign distribution becoming more prevalent, it's much more vital to have a quality translator handle your needs. Abracadabra is prepared to help in all of your requirements.

For the medical field, we have been instrumental in the translation of health plans, evidence of coverage, summaries of benefits, drug formularies, medical manuals and provide certified translations for Medicare and Medicaid for local and national health insurance companies throughout the country.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) requires that everything be done properly for documents to be accepted.

Abracadabra has extensive experience in this field.

Our certified translations allow you to obtain your goals worldwide without having to acquire skills in various languages yourself. Simply put, our services can help you extend your corporate reach to a global level.

Whether your needs are for translations from Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Vietnamese, Chinese or practically any other language under the sun into English, or vice-versa, Abracadabra can get it done.

Below are just a few examples of items we can assist you in translating:

  • » Websites
  • » Technical manuals
  • » Newsletters
  • » Marketing materials
  • » Brochures
  • » etc.
  • » Press releases
  • » Movie scripts
  • » Books
  • » Children’s books
  • » Articles
  • » etc.
  • » Evidences of coverage
  • » Summaries of benefits
  • » Legal contracts
  • » Medical manuals
  • » Certified translations
  • » etc.

We can translate anything... It’s like magic...